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Case Study : Ryan Levesque : Business Owner
Ryan is s smart dude, a background in 'Neuroscience; He understands the body and the fundamentals of how it works. Yet he wanted a simplified way to implement optimal wellness into his busy life. After experiencing a big health event that left him in a coma!

Ryan understood the real value in investing in this area of his life... he wanted the best, he hired Darren to support him and put together a simple program that become his new norm and still follows to this day, especially to support his diagnosis of diabetes - a surprise to him to say the least! 
Wanted flexibility with his nutrition

Craved more optimal approach to his wellness that 
fits into his busy consulting business

Wanted a way more efficient training plan that he could get done super fast at home 

Here's what we did...
The Frustration
"I had support in my business and those areas were expanding and having huge success, so I craved a solution to support my wellness to give me the extra focus and energy to deliver to a higher level not just in business, but to have reserves left over to really enjoy my family life. 

I become bored of the familiar repetitive diet that I'd been following, and wanted to gain some fresh insights on taking care of me, even better."
The Fix
"The 'AM GREENS SHAKE' was created to support me to consume high doses of quality nutrition, conveniently and consistently, whilst supporting my blood sugar requirements with diabetes. It was great to modify these for myself as I understood the 'whys and how to's etc. 

The workout process was a great change, to get in DONE in under 12 minutes, from my home, rather than spending 60 mins in a gym, plus the travel and change time, several times per week. This gave me more time, to decompress or produce, to hang out with my family .

It was great to delegate this out, to someone else so I didn't have to think about this much at all. I protect my 'mental overload' by simplifying decision making in various areas of my life... from my business, to the clothing I chose to wear... and this was one area that for sure saved me a ton of mental fatigue."
The Future
"I gained insights here to serve me for many years to come. 

As someone who already had a great deal of knowledge in this area from many years of personal interest and of course my background in neuroscience, it was really interesting to gain new perspective on this approach to the hormone system, optimising my growth hormones, blood sugar levels, carb cycling and the really deeper underpinning knowledge I was keen to learn more about. "
Ready To Get The Support To Take Care of This Area Of Your Life For Good?

James P. Friel

James feels like he's 'cloned himself' 4 times over since completing the Rapid Method Program. He was burnt out doing CrossFit, trying to stick to those strict diets... busting his ass, then falling off track. James wanted to take care of this for good. Here's how he did it.

Brian Horn

Brian is still enjoying looking better at 40 than he did at 25 (3 years after the Rapid Method Program). Brian went from busting his ass doing cross fit and trying to stick with 'Paleo' diets and feeling totally burned out at 18% body fat and still 20+lbs overweight.. to 8% body fat and ripped.

Dr. Nic Luas

Nic accessed a stronger, leaner body. He has 5 degrees, he's a smart dude. He just couldn't 'find the gaps in accessing the physique and health he knew he could...
Here's how he did it... with way less time, energy and effort.

Dr. Ben Adkins

Ben is now in better shape than his college days. He was suffering with low energy, 30+ lbs of body fat taking it's toll, surviving getting through the day... oh and that belly fat. Here's how Ben unleashed the Ben 'Ab-kins'...

John Wilcher

John, a busy successful Realtor is still experiencing a return 18+ months later. He was experiencing addiction to caffeine, sugar, bad foods and suffering from overwhelm, stress and inflammation from his high pressured professional lifestyle... John wanted *that guy* BACK... Here's how he did it.

Ryan Levesque

Ryan gained back more time to spend with his family. Ryan has diabetes and wanted flexibility with his nutrition that fits into his busy consulting business and a way more efficient training plan that he could get done super fast at home.

Here's what we did...

Justin Lee

Justin saved 5+ hours per week and still enjoys cheeky treats. Justin was busting his ass 7-10 hours per week doing CrossFit and rarely ate carbs, on a Paleo 'diet' he didn't enjoy.
With frequent injuries from CrossFit t killed his momentum and sucked away his time. With The Rapid Method Program he hit<10% body fat in just 7-8 weeks! Here's how he did it.

Stephen Sommers

"I felt worn out, tired and had to force myself to stay ahead in business and life. I saw many successful guys in Darren's RAPID METHOD program transform and I wanted to get what they had, all day long energy - on demand, a fit and confidently toned physique and feel on fire. That's exactly what happened. The best investment i've had so far that continues to return huge ROI every single day”
Ready To Get The Support To Take Care of This Area Of Your Life For Good?

With over 20,000 coaching sessions spanning over 18 years, Darren created a process to LIVE and take care of the very area producing ALL results in all areas of life... you.
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